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During all freediving courses at Rica Freedivers you will discover these life changing benefits.


Mental Strength

  • Self-discipline to push through difficult situations
  • Techniques to keep your mind focused
  • Weekly exercises to continue to improve on your own time

Proper Breathing

  • Breathing techniques to improve your lung capacity & daily life
  • Relaxation techniques for daily life and diving ability
  • Weekly exercises to continue to improve after your freediving courses



Body Awareness

  • Learn to control your body by controlling your breath
  • Better understanding of your bodies signals & needs
  • Learn how our bodies use oxygen and adapt to operate at lower levels
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What to Expect from Instructor Brad?

  • Kind & Professional
  • Safety oriented
  • Share his knowledge and passion for freediving with students
  • Creating an open and engaging environment to learn
  • Follows current industry standards
  • 8+ Years of teaching experience
  • Understanding that each student has their own way to progress
Don’t take our word for it? See what all of our students have to say about their freediving courses with Brad below!
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