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During all freediving courses at Rica Freedivers you will discover these life changing benefits.


Mental Strength

  • Self-discipline to push through difficult situations
  • Techniques to keep your mind focused
  • Weekly exercises to continue to improve on your own time

Proper Breathing

  • Breathing techniques to improve your lung capacity & daily life
  • Relaxation techniques for daily life and diving ability
  • Weekly exercises to continue to improve after your freediving courses



Body Awareness

  • Learn to control your body by controlling your breath
  • Better understanding of your bodies signals & needs
  • Learn how our bodies use oxygen and adapt to operate at lower levels
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What to Expect from Instructor Brad?

  • Kind & Professional
  • Safety oriented
  • Share his knowledge and passion for freediving with students
  • Creating an open and engaging environment to learn
  • Follows current industry standards
  • 8+ Years of teaching experience
  • Understanding that each student has their own way to progress
Don’t take our word for it? See what all of our students have to say about their freediving courses with Brad below!
Based on 76 reviews
Laura Rossa
Laura Rossa
Goede eerste kennismaking met freedive dankzij Brad. Zeker aan te raden voor iedereen die graag eens kennis wilt maken met freedive. Merci Brad!
Balloux's Trip
Balloux's Trip
We had an amzing experience with Brad. He's a really good teacher, always listening the students I will definitely coming back soon ! 🙂
Hirk Kammet
Hirk Kammet
Experiencia buenísima con Brad, muy profesional y chill, recomiendo
Galatea Vartosu
Galatea Vartosu
I did a work and learn exchange with Rica Freedivers for a month and must say it was one of the best experiences I ever had! Brad and the Team are all super nice people always streaching out a helping hand and open for any kind of questiones. I had the feeling Brad was really motivated and wanted me to become a better freediver. He first offered me wave 1 and 2 course but in the end wanted me extend my stay so that I could finish the wave 3 course. If your are interested in becoming a freediver, already love snorkeling and are passionate about the ocean that is THE place to go! The courses are all really well structured as are the training sessions. One quickly notices progress, since a good instructor is always there for you 🙂 Thanks again for this lovely experience! And hope to be back soon.
Anita Yang
Anita Yang
Big shout out to Rica Freedivers!!! Brad is an awesome instructor if u are looking for freediving training in Costa Rica definitely go check him out !
Andrés León
Andrés León
Great experience, instructor and staff are amazing. Will recommend to anyone, it felt very safe and very complete. They are very patient especially with beginners.
Daniel Burkuš
Daniel Burkuš
My fiancé and I did our wave one free diving course with Brad on vacation and thoroughly enjoyed it! Brad was both very friendly and obviously highly experienced and knowledgeable. We look forward to returning to do the next wave!
David Sangsue
David Sangsue
Molchanov Wave 1 ✅ With the great quality of the course and the professionalism of Brad, I had a great pleasure to complete this first step in freediving here in Quepos, Costa Rica. A new world to discover!
Sabrina Fedeli
Sabrina Fedeli
I wanted to try freediving for the first time and ended up doing the Molchanovs Wave 1 certification. Brad and my instructor Alejandro were both very professional, I loved learning from them, and with their great personalities they really put me in the right mood to focus and the same time relax and enjoy🙃 Thank you for starting me out on this journey! Brad and Alejandro, I hope to see you both again one day!
David deBarros
David deBarros
Brad certified my son in Freediving and me in Scuba diving in March 2022. My son could only dive 30 feet prior to training, and Brad was able to train him to dive 60 feet and stay down long enough to enjoy spearfishing. Brad has special knowledge of the local dive areas, and if you get the chance to dive with him, his skills are amazing. He certified me in Scuba, and I am very confident diving with a buddy. He is a really nice person, cares about each person he is training, and lives for freediving. I highly recommend you choose Brad over any instructor for freediving,
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