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Free Online Freediving Course | Learn Breathing Techniques Free

Free Online Freediving Course & Training

Start learning from the comfort of your home today!

Did you know that we breathe over 22,000 times a day?!

Despite breathing this many times a day, we take very little time to learn about different breathing techniques

free online freediving course

Why should I practice freediving?

✅ Strengthen respiratory muscles
✅ Improve mental focus
✅ Strengthen cardiovascular system
✅ Increase mobility
✅ Increase lung compacity
✅ Improve energy levels
✅ Use breathing to control your mood
✅ Improve mental focus

Course Materials

  • Sign up for your free course and receive access to all the digital materials.
  • Start the online theory course at your leisure in your own home.
  • Scheduling your instructor led session

Instructor Led Session

  • This will be conducted via zoom. 
  • Knowledge Review 
  • Breathing & Relaxation Workshop
  • Equalization Practice
  • Q&A

Training Program

Once certified you gain access to Molchanovs “Base Training” Program. So you can continue training on your own time.

Or join us every Wednesday at 6pm CST to train online!

After your instructor led session we also hold free training every Wednesday at 6pm CST. 

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