Pura Vida Challenge

Your Premier Freediving Competition in Costa Rica

Save The Date: August 20th - 26th, 2024

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This competition is for any certified freediver. Whether your looking for your first competition experience or you have competed before. The goal is to create a safe environment for everyone to compete.


We always appreciate an extra hand during the competitions. Whether its in the water as a safety diver or helping on the ground as event support. 
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We couldn't manage to make this amazing competition happen without the support of local businesses and the freediving community. You can help sponsor the competition and add to the unique experience we can offer together.
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Your Host

Marina Pez Vela is a fantastic venue located just outside of Quepos, Costa Rica. They host numerous sport fishing tournaments, triathlons, cycling racing, and now the Pura Vida Challenge. It’s home to many charter boats, restaurants, villas, shops, and guest services.

The Dive Spot

A short boat right just a couple miles off the coast in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We picked the best and most consistent times to provide warm and clear waters.
  • 90m depth 
  • Surface water temp: 30C
  • Depth water temp: ~26C
  • Surface Visibility: 20 -30m 

4 Day Competition & 4 Disciplines

Become the champion by scoring the highest combine score across all 3 disciplines

Freediving training packages, wave 3 freediving course

Constant Weight (CWT)

Constant Weight Bi-Fins (CTWB)

Free Immersion (FIM)

CNF for web

Constant Weight No Fins (CNF)

Competition Rules

  • The competition will follow AIDA standards at all times
  • Every diver will be accompanied by at least 1 safety diver on every day. Even warm-ups
  • A safety lanyard will be worn on every dive by the athlete
  • There will be 2 AIDA judges on the competition line
  • You must complete the AIDA surface protocol for the dive to be valid
  • You must retrieve a tag from the bottom plate
  • There are 4 disciplines and 4 days – CTW, CTWB, FIM, CNF
  • One rest day on the 3rd day
  • There will be an overall champion for male and female athletes
  • There will be a camera recording the bottom plate to ensure proper constant weight rules
  • You must announce your dive the day before by 5pm
  • Max depth 90m
Brad, Freediver
Rica Freedivers
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