PADI Freediver

Use your inner-power, discipline, and control to slow your heart. Relax your body from head to toes. Fill up your lungs with air. Dive beneath the surface and explore the ocean in a new way.

Duration: 2 Days

Course Prerequisites:

  • 15 Years old (if you are younger check out the PADI Basic Freediver course)
  • Must be able to swim adequately
  • No freediving experience needed

Course Content:

  • Complete PADI Freediver E-learning. (physics, physiology, equipment, and techniques of freediving)
  • Proper breathing, relaxing, and stretching techniques.
  • Confined water session: Static apnea (breath hold), dynamic apnea (breath hold horizontal swim), and rescue techniques.
  • Open water sessions: Free immersion (using a line to pull yourself down and up), constant weight (duck dive and swim down and up), and rescue techniques

The goal of this course is to be able to breath hold for over 90 seconds. Swim a dynamic apnea for over 25m (80ft). Dive below 10m (33ft). Preform proper rescue scenarios.

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