Reef Spearfishing

Jump into the local reefs and bring home dinner for friend and family.

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Who Should Come On A Reef Spearfishing Charter?

We highly recommend that every diver has previous experience in either freediving or spearfishing before coming on your reef spearfishing charters. This is to ensure everyones safety and of course your best chance at landing fishing.

Freedivers or spearo who are new to spearfishing will feel comfortable coming on our reef spearfishing charters. We have numerous sites with shallow depths from 5m (18ft) – 15m (55ft). These are great sites to learn and practice basic hunting techniques that your safety diver will teach you.

If you are an experience spearo we highly recommend coming on our Blue Water Spearfishing Charters. We have a couple options where you can land some trophy size fish!

What Will You Gain From This Charter?

  • In depth safety briefing about local environment & spearfishing

  • Revise your diving technique to ensure a higher chance of landing fish.

  • Local target species briefing and best hunting technique to land each target species 

  • You keep all the fish your land for lunch or dinner 

Local Species include snappers, rainbow runner, mackerel, trigger fish, jacks, lobster, and more!


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Reef Spearfishing Charters


"Beyond grateful for my time spent with Rica Freedivers crew. The experience and knowledge gained over the past few months is priceless. Looking forward to what the future holds!"

Josh Griskie

Deep Republic

I spent 2 full months at Rica Freedivers working on improving my freediving, and I couldn’t recommend this place more! I initially booked it after reading all of the amazing reviews, and it did not disappoint."

Vanora Guerard

I have been training with Brad at Rica Freedivers for a month now and I couldn't be happier!!
I started with wave 1 then feeling really comfortable training with Brad I signed up for wave 2 and 3."

Sylvain Lambrechts

Freediving Uvita

Frequently Asked Questions

We do highly recommend taking a freediving course before starting spearfishing on the reefs. We can add the level 1 course to your training package for an additional cost.

You can either use your own gear or use our equipment. Price for using our equipment is included in the price, nothing extra.

Local Species include snappers, rainbow runner, mackerel, trigger fish, jacks, lobster, and more!


We do run shared reef spearfishing charters as well. The price is $200/person. 

Of course! Any fish you catch will be yours. You can take it and have it cooked in the marina restaurants or at home.

Rica Freedivers
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