Zero to Hero Freediving Instructor Course

Live the dream of being a freediving instructor. Learn how to open your own freediving school.

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Who Should Take The Zero to Hero Freediving Instructor Course?

Are looking to start a career in freediving. Whether you want to be an independent instructor, start a personal brand, or open a freediving school we can cater to your needs. We will not only help you advance your freediving technique and teaching skill but we will help you create a business plan with straight forward steps in order to start having students reaching out to you to take your courses!

When You Train With Rica Freedivers You Get:

Free Gifts​

The number one rule in freediving is to never dive alone. So...we encourage you to bring your friends and family along. We will give both divers a $50 gift card for our store.

Certified Diver Guarantee​

We are confident in our ability to help new divers. If you do not pass the course in the allotted time. You can train with us for free until you pass.

Start Today

Start today from the comfort of your home. Our instructors will assess your abilities and assign you a remote training program to best fit your goals as a freediver. 

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Zero to Hero Freediving Instructor Course


"Beyond grateful for my time spent with Rica Freedivers crew. The experience and knowledge gained over the past few months is priceless. Looking forward to what the future holds!"

Josh Griskie

Deep Republic

I spent 2 full months at Rica Freedivers working on improving my freediving, and I couldn’t recommend this place more! I initially booked it after reading all of the amazing reviews, and it did not disappoint."

Vanora Guerard

I have been training with Brad at Rica Freedivers for a month now and I couldn't be happier!!
I started with wave 1 then feeling really comfortable training with Brad I signed up for wave 2 and 3."

Sylvain Lambrechts

Freediving Uvita

Frequently Asked Questions

We generally will only accept 1 intern at a time.

If you need to brush up on your breath-holding abilities ask us for a training program.

You can either use your own gear or use our equipment. Price for using our equipment is included in the price, nothing extra.

To get the certification, one must do the following:

STA 4:00

DYNB 100m (330ft)

DNF 60m (200ft)

CWTB & FIM 40m (132ft)

CNF 30m (100ft)

BO Rescue 25m (80ft)

CO2 tolerance test

Rica Freedivers
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